Introduction: Snake Game

The video:

Step 1: Origin


Step 2: Describnation

It is a old game. It was shown on nokia in 1976s. I made this game for children who don't have devices

Step 3: Material That You Need

Arduino Leonardo

MAX7219 8*8 - if you bought the wrong one, you can cut it yourself.

Box - any box


Jumper wires


Battery carrier

Battery case


Step 4: Code

Step 5: Hardware Setup

First of all, connect the Arduino 5V to the + on the Breadboard, and the Gnd to the -

LED matrix:

Now you take your LED matrix and connect the VCC-pin to the volt-line and the GND-pin to the ground-line. After this you can connect the DIN-, CS- and CLK-pin accordingly to the 13-, 12- and 11-pin on your arduino. Your LED matrix is operational now


Connect the VRx- and VRy-pin to analog pins 0 and 1 on your arduino (A0 and A1) and connect the SW-pin to the 2-pin.


7-12V recommended, for example a 9V battery with a 9V battery snap connector.

Step 6: Change

The length of the snake and the words that will show up in the end.