Introduction: Snake Hands!

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This is a cool little trick that will impress your friends! Turn your hands into a snake that can open its mouth

Step 1: Live Long and Prosper!

Make your left hand look like this, its ok if you cant do this, just try to get them to look as close as possible!

Step 2: Right Hand

Follow the picture

Step 3: Fold the Middle and Ring Finger

Fold your right hands middle and ring finger on your left hands pinky and ring finger

Step 4: Pointer Finger

Put your right hands pointer finger on top of your left hands ring and pinky fingers.

Step 5: Fold the Middle Finger

Fold your left hands middle finger on your right hands pinky.

Step 6: Left Hands Pointer Finger

Put your left hand pointer finger on top of your right hands pinky

Step 7: Connect Em!

Connect your pointer fingers and thumbs together!

Step 8: Your Done!

Now just flip your hands so your thumbs and pointer fingers are facing you. Then adjust your snake to your liking! Move your pointer fingers and thumbs back and forth to move the mouth!

Step 9: Tip!

If the instructions are kinds confusing, just look at the pictures, they're really helpful!