Snake Knot



Introduction: Snake Knot

The snake knot is a nice base for a zipper pull, lanyard, key ring fob

the overhand, overhand stopper knot goes well with it and the ends can be trimmed close to the knot

Step 1:

Middle a short length of cord and bring one end under the other . . . . .

Step 2:

. . .and back over itself.

Step 3:

Flip the knot upside down

Step 4:

and bring the other end down under . . . .

Step 5:

. . . and back up through the first bight

Step 6:


Step 7:

repeat steps 1 - 6 two more times for a total of three snake knots

Step 8:

Tie an overhand knot a short distance above the snake knots

Step 9:

Tie a second overhand knot just below around the two strands

Step 10:

Bring the right hand strand up through the right hand bight of the first overhand knot

Step 11:

Bring the left hand strand down through the left hand bight

Step 12:

Tighten, the knot is complete

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