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Introduction: Snapchat 101

This is an instructable on how to use the application Snapchat, this application was created in 2011, and has reached its peak of popularity at the end of 2015, and now proceeding to gain popularity in 2016. The application itself is a great way to share videos and pictures with friends. However there is a twist to the entire concept because a full video only lasts 10 seconds and a picture will only last up to the selected amount of seconds, the maximum being 10 seconds (will be taught and demonstrated in the instructable). Several celebrities have felt that Snapchat is a must now considering they would like to stay in touch with their fans. These celebrities include: Dj Khaled, Niall Horan, Justin Bieber, Tyga, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, and Ice cube and many more. Now for this instructable it is expected to have already downloaded the application, if you haven’t done so yet please do so, and Let's explore the world of Snapchat!

click this to see the video instructions

Step 1: Taking Pictures/videos

The first thing you will encounter is your camera page, which has a circle on the middle bottom of the screen, this allows you to take videos or pictures, if you hold the button and you see a red band begin to circle the button then you are filming. If you just tap the button you have taken a picture

Step 2: Drawings, Text & Emojis

After taking a picture or video you can add drawings, text, and emojis, or add filters.

  1. To add drawings you will see a pencil in the very top right corner, with this tool you will be able see a rainbow grid with this grid you can select a color and draw anything you would like
  2. When wanting to add text click the middle of the screen and a keyboard should pop up, to adjust the writing to the left right or center click the “T” the boldness and everything and also the color of the writing If you would like to have a filter on you photo or video, then swipe to either side of your screen (left or right)

Step 3: The Ghost Symbol

In the middle top of the screen you will see a ghost, if you tap it all of your information will pop up, such as: your username, your Score, people that have added you, friends you would like to add (“+Add friends”) and you friends.

Step 4: Account Info

In top right corner are all of your settings, such as your email, your password, your name or names under which you can be found, and the question make in the top is for questions or something in that order for the Snapchat company and server.

Step 5: Trophies

In the middle top screen there is this trophy like emoji, this shows all of the accomplishments you have done on snapchat thus far

Step 6: Having Troubles?

Just click the ? and the creators of the application will assist you and give you good tips and advice

Step 7: Leaving the Ghost Sector

To leave the ghost section just use the arrow at the bottom of the screen and swipe it up

Step 8: Flash or No Flash

In the top left corner there will be a lightning bolt with a line struck through this means there will be no flash when taking a video/picture, if you would like to have flash just tap the lightning bolt, so that the struck through line is gone

Step 9: Chatting/ Receiving Snaps

On the bottom left corner there will be a square, which later on, when adding friends, will be the amount of snaps you have received (this is seen when no picture/ video has been taken yet), if tapped on it you will be sent to the message board, there you will see a list of recently snapped people.

You will also see a chat box,(in the top left corner) this is the place where you can chat with your friends, you can video call, normal call, text, send emojis, and pictures

Then you will see a camera in the top right corner that will just bring you back to your normal camera screen you started with

Step 10: Stories

And on the bottom right corner there will be these three lines stacked upon each other, this allows you to see “stories” from your friends

Step 11: Time

There is a time scale which adjusts the length of a picture(after taking a picture) in the bottom

Step 12: Saving Videos/pictures

Next to the time scale is an arrow pointing downwards this allows you to save pictures/videos

Step 13: Adding to Your Story

Then there is a square next to the arrow this allows you to add the picture/video to your story


  1. Premium colors- If you would like to have a pastel color for drawing then just swipe up the rainbow grid and while holding swipe left then find the color you would like to use
  2. Premium colors- To use a darker color such as BLACK swipe down on the color grid and swipe left, and find the color that you would like to have
  3. Layering filters- To add several filters to one single swipe left or right(as learned previously) and when the right filter is found tap and hold the screen and continue searching for another filter, this layers different filter on top of eachother (max. 3)
  4. Lenses- to add certain face filters, find nice lightning and then tap and hold your face, then a white net embraces your face on the screen, and the picture button should lift. Next to the camera button are different images inside bubbles if you swipe to the left, and your face should start to adjust to the different filters.

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    4 years ago

    really cool idea! Snapchat is so confusing sometimes :)

    Ms Spelled
    Ms Spelled

    4 years ago

    I wish I would have had this when I started with Snapchat. Really cool idea, and nice explanations!


    4 years ago

    Thx this helped a lot know I know on how to look at the trophies