Introduction: Sneaky Stash

This is a secret stash to hide away something in a place that most would never look. Further explanation should not be necessary.


  • Pair of sneakers or shoes (no sandals please)
  • Pair of socks (dirtier the better)
  • Tape measure
  • Sneaky stash (3d printed from files @
  • Something to hide

Step 1: Determine the Stash Size Your Shoe Can Hold

Use a tape measure to measure from the toe to the edge of the tongue of the shoe (~6 inches in this picture)

Step 2: Download and 3D Print the Stash

If you have a 3d printer, this is easy. Go to <>, download the body and cap files.

Note that the file is scaled in inches and is initially 1". Scale the files by 100 x the measurement in "inches" from the last step (so 6" would be 600%).

Print with the base of the threads facing down as shown (pro tip - if you print it in the same color as your sock, it will be much harder to spot). No support is needed. Printed in pla with 0.3mm layer height, 2 outside/top/bottom.

If your sneakers are especially old, you may wish to add a layer of spray paint (match sock color) to the pla to block the smell from getting in.

Step 3: Place the Stash in Your Shoe

Next, fill the stash with anything you need hidden away, then slide it in your sneaker. Top with an old sock such that the stash is not visible.

Step 4: Hide Your Stash

Hide your stash in plain sight. The more similar items will make this harder and much less likely to spot.

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