Introduction: Sneaky T-bar Starter

This is a guide on how to machine a T-Bar Handle that incorporates a push button starter for a car.

Step 1: This Will Never Do

Driving an old car is cooler than driving something new. However most old cars can be started with a spoon because the wiring minimal is and simple. Fortunately the solution is also simple. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind. Simple move the starter circuit to a new 'hidden' place that is easily accessible to those in the know. I've had one fitted to my Ol' Holden for years and I was surprised at how stumped people got trying to start the car (at one point someone actually tried to steal my car from the train station, but failed and only took the stereo instead). So I thought what a good security feature it turned out to be.

Step 2: Fabricate a New T-Bar Handle

So its time to make a new T-Bar handle for your shifter. You can make what ever style you like as, I made mine a mini cannon because I recon cannons look cool, also it suits the metal push button I have. I'm not going to write a tutorial on how to use a lathe or drill press as I'm sure there are plenty on this fine site, my only advice is if you have never used a metal lathe before DON'T!! They are very dangerous is unskilled hands, but are well worth learning to use because you can make many cools cannon shifters. I have included my design of the cannon. The cannon is hollow to allow for the electrical wire to pass through, I tried to get the wire to go down inside the shifter are but it was too thin and would have broken. The thread for the push button is a 3/4 x 26TPI and is cut into a separate end cap so that the wire can be fitted. The switch is wired in and the end cap pressed & glued on so it can still be removed if need be. Finally, drill and tap the hole for the shifter mechanism and fit the handle to the shifter. I had to use a spacer and a bit of trial and error to get the handle to sit straight.

Step 3: Fit Up & Finish

The hardest part is fitting the wires through the tiny holes, but once that is done simply install in your car and move the starter wires from the ignition barrel to the shifter and Start Your Engine. And have piece of mind that your car is now sightly more secure, without having to fit an expensive security system.

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