Introduction: Sneezewood (magic Trick) *updated*

This is my very first Instructable. So, uh, cross your fingers. Okay, uncross your fingers, you are going to need them. So this trick is FREE! And you can do it anywhere (not underwater). Things you will need: Two (2) toothpicks. (Any thin, small piece of wood. I have done it with chopsticks.) Your hands.

*so i was trying to figure out how to put a video on this instructable and Noticed a video of this trick. I figured this trick out in 8th grade or so in class and thought I was the only one who knew about it. Ego. Anyway, if you want to view how to do this without having to go through my instructable i believe his user name is tonytipsandtricks. I still appreciate the views though :)

Step 1: Carpe De Sticks

That's probably way off, but the point if you will, is there. Pinch the first toothpick between your index finger and thumb near the end of the toothpick. You want to have it at a 90 degree angle (perpendicular) to your index finger. The longer end should be towards the pinkie side of your palm (or closed fingers for better view). Side note: it's best to pinch the toothpick on the thick piece right after where it starts to taper off. Refer to the pictures for positioning questions.

Step 2: Giving the Finger!

Now that you have deciphered step 1, it's time for the science-y part. With the hand that you are pinching with, lift your middle finger up and press against the toothpick with the with your fingernail. This is the second most important step. Press until the toothpick JUST begins to bend ever so slightly and then ease off just a fraction of a hair so the toothpick doesn't look distorted. That is the exact pressure you need to apply when performing this trick.

Step 3: The Easy Part

Take the other toothpick and rest it freely in your free hand (or on the viewer's hand to add wow factor) and the opposite end of the toothpick you are secretly pinching and adding pressure to. The trigger to this trick is to gradually and SLOWLY bend toward the palm the middle finger of the pinching hand until inward toward your palm while still pressing against the toothpick until... Whoa! It jumps "magically"!!!!

Step 4: So What's Going in Here?

The pinching gives the toothpick a structured, rigid base. Your fingernails are not smooth. Microscopic ridges + upward force + stationary base = vibration. By placing the free standing, light weight toothpick on to farthest end, it demonstrates how small vibrations can make big movements. Remember, a magician never reveals his secret and I've kept this secret for a while. So, oh shoot, I just told you how to do it. Oh well, have fun blowing your kids minds with this neat trick. I will be posting more tricks when I have time. If you have any questions or comments (modifications) please feel free to comment. I take criticism well.