Introduction: Snoobix Cube (Easy Step by Step Rubix Cube Snow Sculpture)

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  1. Rubix cube (model/reference)
  2. Snow (the heavy, wet kind)
  3. Your preferred dye (Kool-aid, Food Coloring, etc.)
  4. Containers/bottles to hold dye (if necessary for dye if needed)
    example: recycle old soda bottles to be used as the containers
  5. Sculpting materials
    examples: Shovel, spade, snow shovel, paint scrapers, chisel, rope, or similar tools to help mold a rubix cube shape
  6. Friends (the muscle and fun)
    You may need help rolling a big snow ball
  7. (optional) Ruler/Squares, but these were super useful when constructing the cube!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Step 2: Form a Giant Snowball

To start out, you will need to take a clump of snow, and form it in your hands into a small ball. You will then roll this small ball onto more snow evenly (if possible) to make an even larger snow ball. Depending on how large you want your eventual cube to be, you may need help rolling the mass compounding snow ball to your desired size—this is where your friends come in, and will definitely help in this process, ha!

Then, position your Giant Snowball by rolling it to where you would like it displayed.

Pro tip: Might be a good idea to use a ruler/square or some form of measuring to get your cube to have three equal sides...having a dimension that is divisible by 3 makes everything easier!

Step 3: Sculpt the Cube

Shape the Giant snowball into a cube shape by molding, cutting and scrapping the sides of the ball by flattening the ball into five sides with a top face, and four other side faces using the sculpting materials you have. For instance, use a shovel, spade, or your bare hands (might be a good idea to wear gloves) to mold the ball into a cube.

In our design, we are making a 3 x 3 rubix cube that is unsolved. Evenly etch and space two parallel lines that cross to make nine square shapes on each face of the cube. Basically, draw a tic tac toe grid that is near even to assist you in your cube design :)

tip: Other possible variations could be a 4 x 4 cube or an easier 2 x 2 cube solved or unsolved

Step 4: Prepare Dye

Using the containers/bottles you have, mix your dye with warm water, close cap tight, and shake to mix! You can use the Rubix Cube as a model for the colors you will need, or otherwise make your own variation of colors for the cube.

(We used Food Coloring from the cupcake section of Walmart and regular Kool-Aid mixes to mix our colors to decorate.)

Step 5: Apply the Dye (Color!)

Using the dye that you just created, you and your friends can use the rubix cube for reference to decorate your snow cube accordingly.

NOTE: For this snow sculpture, we made a 3x3 unsolved rubix cube. Depending on the design that you want your snow cube to be (solved or unsolved), you can choose which colors you want and whether you want to make a more detailed 4 x 4 or more simple 2 x 2 cube. Basically, the variations and possibilities are endless!

Have fun—and enjoy snow sculpting a SNOOBIX 🙃 !


This is for all y'all snow sculpting noobs out there! (Like us 😁)

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