Introduction: Snorlax Paper Robot

The supplies you'll need are scissors, tape, the one piece of paper which will be used for the composition of the robot, and effort!

Make sure to be careful with the scissors and keep the scissors and tape on the side so that it will not disturb your work.

Step 1: Cut Out Everything!

With the picture provided just cut the outsides and make sure to cut it accurately.

Step 2: Fold!

Fold everything as indicated but for the arms and legs, you want to roll up the arms and for the legs you want to fold it so that you can create a square as the base and with the remaining paper not the base, pinch it so that it creates a hanger looking stand.

Step 3: Start Coloring!

In case you don't know what a snorlax is from Pokemon, it's basically a big lazy monster with green/blueish skin on the sides. But of course you can just color it however you would like.

Step 4: Tape

For the arms, just roll a small piece of tape and while it is rolled just place a tape so that it is firm and thin. For the legs, there are going to be air bubbles so tape it so that it is firm and solid so tape the top, the side anywhere to make it concrete and solid. For the head, just tape the open areas, it's okay if you tape the face as most likely you'll be using clear tape. For the body, just tape every open crack so that it can stick together.

Step 5: Create 3 Holes

With the scissors poke a hole on the sides and on the bottom for room for the arms and the legs. For the arms, the hole should be small but for the legs it should be at least 3 inches.

Step 6: Attach Everything!

For the legs just inserts the leg within the cut hole on the bottom. For the arms, do the same thing and insert it where the holes are. For the head, grab a piece of tape and put it near the mouth area and leave some of the tape hanging, with the tape hanging put it on top of the body so that it hangs.

Step 7: You're Done!