Snow Bird Feeder

Introduction: Snow Bird Feeder



1 snow

2 snow

3 snow

4 bird seed

5 a tree

Step 1: Get That SNOW


try your best to find easy to form snow

Step 2: Scoop It

find a good chunk that can form a block

Step 3: Make the Peices

form the parts

Step 4: Form the Feeder

don't worry about looks we will take care of that

Step 5: Smooth

find a block of wood or something flat and grind of excess material

Step 6: Carve and Fill

create a compartment to hold the seed

Step 7: "Oh Yeah It's All Coming Together Now"

fill with seed and make a ledge for the birds

Step 8: Now All We Do Is Wait


Step 9: Extra Tip

try to make this a day or two after snowfall

and find a rough surface on a tree to attach.

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