Introduction: Snow Globe Cocktail

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When the weather outside is frightful, put that weather in a glass and make a Snow Globe Cocktail! This is an easy, fun, and super cute way to serve drinks at a holiday party!

Step 1: Supplies

To make your own snow globe cocktails, here's what you need:

  • round bottomed glasses (straight sided tumblers work too)
  • 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary sprigs per drink
  • yogurt covered raisins
  • toothpicks
  • dried rosemary
  • squeezable icing
  • exacto & pairing knives
  • scissors
  • metal spoon
  • pouring vessel
  • white sugar for 'snow' garnish

Step 2: Making Your Trees

Choose three rosemary sprigs with strong stems. The stronger the stems, the longer the trees will stand tall once the cocktail is added to the glass.

Find where the strongest part of the stem starts by bending the tips. Cut the stem at the transition point.

The top of the sprig is going to be the bottom of the tree. (So that the direction of the leaves is down.)

Pluck off about an inch of leaves to create the trunk of the tree. (like pictured) Decide how tall you'd like your tree to be (this will depend on the height of your glass), and trim the remaining sprig to create your tree top.

Repeat this process for the remaining trees. I like to make 3 slightly different heights in order to create some visual dynamics for each drink.

Step 3: Making Your Snow Men

Sort through the yogurt covered raisins and pick out the smallest, roundest ones. These will be the heads. Then sort out two slightly larger sizes that step up in size, that will be the middle and lower balls.

Pick one from each size group that step down in size slightly, like a classic snowman shape does.

Starting with the biggest bottom one, use your exacto knife (with a fresh blade) to drill small holes on the top and bottom of the raisin. (This will help the yogurt coating crack less when you slide the raisins onto the toothpick.)

Slide and twist the bottom raisin onto the toothpick. Repeat the above for the middle raisin. Only make one hole on the bottom of the top 'head' raisin and add it to the top of the stack. Make sure that the toothpick isn't sticking out the top.

Next, using your exacto, make holes in the face for eyes and a mouth. Then make arm holes on the sides of the middle raisin.

Choose two thick dried rosemary leaves and stick those into the arm holes.

Repeat the above process however many times needed for the number of drinks you're making.

Step 4: Making Your Snowman & Tree Supports

To start, break off the snowman's toothpick so that only one inch is sticking out the bottom.

Take a large yogurt raisin and use your exacto to drill a hole in it's top. Slide the bottom of the snowman's toothpick into the hole.

FOR FLAT BOTTOMED GLASSES: Use the pairing knife to remove the bottom 1/3 of the yogurt raisin*. This is going to act as the base for your snowman (and trees).

Put a ring of icing around the cut edge of the big support raisin.

Lower the snowman down and place him towards the front of the glass with his eyes facing out. Use your scissors or a chopstick to push the the support raisin into the glass, ensuring that the icing is creating a seal. The gooeyness of the raisin will also help 'glue' it to the bottom of the glass!

Repeat this process for this first drink's three trees.

Then repeat all of the above for every one of your glasses.

*See next step for tips on how to cut the support raisin for round bottom glasses.

Step 5: Tips for Round Bottomed Glasses

For support raisins that will stay in place on rounded bottomed glasses:

1. Cut off the bottom 1/3 of the support raisin.
2. Cut half of the bottom at an angle that matched the side of the glass.

Then carry on with the icing and placing outlined in the previous step.

NOTE: If you don't do this, you will have a hard time getting your trees and snowmen to stand straight.

Step 6: Adding the 'Ground'

Put some water in a small pouring vessel.

Then place a small spoon so that it's tip is touching the edge of the glass. Slowly pour in water until it 'just' touches the bottom of the snowman. This will freeze to become the 'ground' and also the ice cube for your drink.

Put the glass(es) into the freezer for at least 1 1/2 hours so that the water can freeze.

Step 7: Add Cocktail and Enjoy!

Now's the part where you add your cocktail!! For the best and most effective snow globe results, I suggest using only clear alcohol and mixers such as a martini, gin and tonic, or sake! You can also stick to water or seltzer.

Once you've added your drink of choice, sprinkle in a 'blanket' of sugar snow before serving.

If you're making these for guests, put a small bowl of sugar on your tray and sprinkle a bit into the drink as you hand it to them so they get the full effect!!

If you make the ice 'ground' thick enough (like pictured), the trees and snowman will stay put up to 10 minutes before it will dislodge and float to the surface. (also fun!)

Enjoy! And if you try making them, please click the 'I Made It' button and add a photo to the comments section. I'd love to see them!

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