Introduction: Snow Peak Titanium Trek700 Coffee Press

This mod turns a Snow Peak Trek 700 Cookset into a coffee press by drilling a hole into the Titanium lid to allow the shaft of a JetBoil coffee press to fit in.

It was my intention to create an instructable that uses only basic tools and can be done virtually anywhere.

Step 1: Parts Needed

1. Snow Peak Trek700 - $44.95
2. JetBoil Coffee Press - $9.95

Step 2: Tools Needed

1. Drill
2. 1/8th Bit
3. 13/64th Bit
4. 5/16th Bit
5. Spring loaded punch
6. Mechanical pencil
7. Piece of scrap wood
8. 5 qt Pot
9. Four coins (not shown)

Step 3: Marking the Center Location

With firm pressure push the JetBoil press into the rim of the lid using the four quarters to help center. Then insert the mechanical pencil into the center hole and mark the location.

Step 4: Using the Punch

At the center location press the punch several times to create at deep recess. This will keep the drill from wandering.

Step 5: Drilling the Hole

Because Titanium is a poor heat conductor submerging the lid in water as you drill will provide the correct amount of coolant to avoid overheating the drill tip.

Place your scrap wood and your lid inside your pot then fill with water so that the level is about 1/2" above the height of your lid as it rests on the wood.

Attach the 1/8th bit to your drill and using firm downward pressure beginning drilling the pilot hole with short 1 second bursts. You will see excavated scraps of titanium spiral out of the hole if your pressure and speed bursts are correct.

In my case the lower part of the hole was breached in 7 drill bursts.

Replace with the 13/64th bit and repeat the above steps to expand the hole to the final size. In my case three additional bursts were needed.

Step 6: Deburring the Hole

Holding the 5/16th bit in your hand place the tip into the hole. Using firm pressure twist slowly and remove any burrs.

Repeat on opposite side of lid.

Step 7: Assemble, Brew and Enjoy!

Feed the shaft of the JetBoil through the hole you just drilled and then screw it into the press.

You are now ready to make some coffee :)

Step 8: Packing W/Spork

If you use the Snow Peak Spork then you must first place the press at the bottom of the 700 before adding the gas, shaft, stove and Spork.

Step 9: Packing Without the Spork

If you do not use the Snow Peak Spork then you can pack as usual followed by adding the two piece shaft and finally placing the press above everything else.

Thanks for stopping by :)


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