Snow Shovel Hack




Introduction: Snow Shovel Hack

With the upcoming winter season fast approaching here is a handy hint I have been using for the past few years

It is an addition to a snow shovel that will make the chore of snow shovelling SO much easier.

Step 1:

Take a length of cord and tie it tightly to the shaft of the shovel. Take the ends and tie them to form a loop.

I tied it close to the blade but you can position that knot anywhere and adjust the size of the loop to suit your needs.

To shovel.

Grab the black handle with one hand and the loop in the other. Shovel as you normally would but without having to bend over to grab the shaft of the shovel.

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    6 years ago

    As someone who had back surgery a couple of years ago...thank you! If we get snow this year I'll definitely try this.