Introduction: Snow Snerfer

When I was a kid I remember a way cool snow riding device called a "snerfer" Looked like a water ski with a control/tow rope attached to the nose and some traction pads for you feet ( no bindings ) . Seems like everybody is getting cold weather and snow this year including me ( coastal NC) so I decided to make one of these bad boys.

Here's the steps and needed materials:

  1. Go to the Thrift store and find an old water ski. I was in luck because I had bought a pair of skiis for another project and still had them in the shop when it snowed last Tue.

2. Remove bindings and skeg. Good idea to fill the screw holes ( epoxy) to prevent water intrusion into the ski core.

3. To give the top of the ski some grip I used some 1" X 30" sandpaper belts normally  used on my sanding machine. I cut three belts and attached to the ski with  spray adhesive. I had these in the shop , you could use the self stick strips like those used on stairs or garage floors.( avail at home improvement stores)

4. I added small strips of 1/4 plywood perpendicular to the sandpaper  strips for added traction. ( see second photo) .

5. There are lots of over ways to do these foot  traction pads. The original Snerfer had a series of heavy duty staples in the foot placement areas. Lots of stuff would work but remember it will get snow and ice stuck too it and you need to be able to have good footing to ride.

6. The last step is to add the tow rope. I drilled a hole in the nose of the ski for an eyelet and attached the rope. Adjust the rope so it's comfortable when riding int he "surfer " stance. ( see last photo)

7. The ski I used is parabolic so it turns easily and doesn't need much snow at all. Have fun!

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