Snow and 550 Cord




Introduction: Snow and 550 Cord

Here is my first Instructable.  It will be a bit tongue-and-cheek so don't judge too harshly.  Onward...

How do snow, 550 cord plus a pic of my satellite dish with wet and crusty snow disrupting the signal make an Instrucable?   Well the distance between me and the dish is about 18' from ground to dish (that's where it was installed when we bought the house and I needed a method of clearing the dish that was quick and safe (the wind blows 10 -15 mph while snowing as well)

Step 1: What You Need

Supply list:

550 cord
extendible paint pole (borrowed but never returned... thanks Mike and Heather)
spare ice/snow scraper (get a new one from my work every year)
utility knife or equal cutting utensil
masking tape (optional)

Satellite dish

Step 2: Key to the Project

I wish I had taken a better picture if knot but I can explain it well enough.  My Dad taught me this type of knot when I was young.  The knot can be used to bind two things together or  make "grippy" handles on things (i.e. swords, guns, etc.) usually with electrician's waxed string.

Basically, one takes a length of string or rope and makes a loop at one end and a 'pull string' at the other.  In this picture the loop is at the left (out of the picture) and the pull string is at the right.  Making sure there is sufficient length, wrap the remaining string or rope around the two objects from the pull string end to the loop end.  For best results, pull as tightly as needed to have good wrap and still be able to pull the pull string.

The masking tape is just to hold the two objects together while wrapping.

Step 3: The Wrap

Here is the completed wrap.  When the wrapping has reached sufficient binding or the available supply is getting to the end, run the end through the loop, keeping enough pressure to keep the wrap in place.  Pull  the loop with the pull string.  The loop will carry the end under the wrap securing it in place.  
Don't pull the loop farther than the amount of the end as it will come unwrapped
If the wrap is not tight enough it will unwrap itself
If the wrap is too tight, the pull string won't pull the loop through

Step 4: The End

I left the ice scraper attached to break some of the harder bits and the pole conveniently stands in my garage awaiting more usage.

Thanks for thumbing through my first attempt.  I do not have any idea about voting, contests, or badges for my presentation.... I just had some spare 550 cord and wanted to watch a show that was in a place warmer than here.

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    3 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    When i lived in Utah, i sprayed PAN Oil No-Stick Cooking Spray on my dish and that would keep the snow off.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Actually, while this will keep the snow off the dish, it will also deflect some of the satellite signal as well. For Standard Def equipment, this wouldn't mean much, but the High Def Dishes need to have a really strong signal and this can result in the dreaded Searching For Satellite Signal - 771 on your box. So if you call and a tech comes out and sees that Cooking Spray has been put on the dish, you might wind up with an extra charge on your next bill.

    Just FYI


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    You may have a point. However, how much of a deflection are we talking about, if your dish has a good signal to begin with, I don't think it would do as much than getting knocked around with a scraper on daily basis.