Snowboard Benches



Introduction: Snowboard Benches

Here's a couple snowboard benches I've made!

Step 1: Road Sign/Snowboard Bench

This one I made a few years ago the frame I made out of a sign post that someone downed. I painted the frame with cold galvanized spray paint. I used the existing holes on the sign then drilled the board to bolt it on, I'd recommend moving the frame out a little further (you don't want to jump on the end to quick or you might flip it over).

Step 2: Snowboard Bench

This one I made this past christmas for my brother-in-law. He'd been saying he wanted to make one out of his old board (the red white & blue K2) for some time so I stole it from him and picked up the other board at a thrift store for $6.98! The frame is made out of an old exercise machine someone through in the dumpster at work (think it was my brother-in-law). I painted the frame with Rustoleum truck bed liner spray paint, one can covered it all nicely!

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