Introduction: Snowflake

my indestructible is a snowflake that was 3D printed from betleblocks,one of the most challenging was how much I had to dumb down the design because of the 3D printers incapability to print detailed designs so i had to go with the more simple one. if you have a beefy 3D printer you will be able to make the more detailed designs but if you have a bad 3D printer you can only do the first one, they all have similar code and designs but they differ in stars. The basic one has 3, the more complex one has 6, and the realy complex one has 12. Now I will walk you through these proseses of code.

Step 1: Preparing the Program

First you need to type in beetle blocks on google. After you've done that click on on of the top links. You should see a 3D like modeling website. Once you've done that the hardest part is how to make it draw.


on the top left there is a code panel, click the tab that says controls. Then from there drag out the green flag button, and the reset button. Now go to the top left corner again but this time select shapes. Be sure you get the block that says set extrusion Dia. to and set it to 3. After that you chose the block called start extruding pick lines.

Now arrange the blocks in this order



set extrusion Dia. to

start extruding

congrats you're halfway there.

Step 2: Creating the Snowflake

Now you need to create the actual snowflake. you have three choices and each one has a different level of complexity but they all require the same blocks. Retrieve these blocks.

control: 2 Repeat blocks

Move: two Rotate z , and one move 150

now put the repeat inside the other repeat, then put a move and a rotate z in the repeat block inside the repeat block, after that set the inside repeat block to 18 and then set the move to 150. After that set the rotate block to 140, after that put another rotate z block under the repeat block but inside the first repeat block. Set the extrusion Dia. to 3 and select lines. if you've done everything right the outside repeat block and the second rotate block are empty, this is where you chose which design you want.

c = complex/12 stars m =mediocre/6 stars s =simple/3 stars

c = repeat 12 and rotate 30

m = repeat 6 and rotate 60

s = repeat 3 and rotate 120

now all you have to do is print them. Have Fun!