Snowflake Fidget Spinner

Introduction: Snowflake Fidget Spinner

This is how I made this 3D printed snowflake fidget spinner. It is a fun project that uses Tinkercad's code blocks to design the snowflake.


Computer with internet

3D printer

skateboard bearing

1/4" hex nuts

Step 1: Make a Snowflake on Tinkercad

1. From Codeblocks on Tinkercad, Create new Codeblock.

2. Select the snowflake from Starter Designs.

3. Experiment with the variables to customize your snowflake.

Step 2: Make the Snowflake a Fidget Spinner

Add code like this on the end of your snowflake code.

The first two lines add the hole in the center for the skateboard bearing.

The next group of code adds 6 hexagons to fit 1/4 inch hex nuts that act as weights. It works without them but works much better weighted.

The last line lifts the snowflake up flush with the design plane.

Step 3: Print and Finish Your Spinner

Export and print the file you made.

Add the skateboard bearing and weights to your spinner.

Have fun showing off your 100% unique fidget spinner.

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