Introduction: Snowflake Ornament

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Here is our 3-D printed snowflake ornament. I teach Technology Education at a HS in upstate New York. A student of mine showed me some of the ornaments he has been making out of wood at his home. He had been spending a great deal of time using machines and hand tools to produce each ornament. We got to talking and sketching ideas that would cut down the time of making each ornament. As we were sketching on paper, we discovered that the ornaments could be made very easily with two pieces of paper that were cut into interlocking shapes. My student then said he could use this same technique with two thin flat pieces of wood. After class I thought that the ornament idea would lend itself well to being 3-D printed. I drew up the 3-D solid models and printed them out that day after school. My student uses the 3-D printed halves of the ornament as templates to successfully make his wooden ornaments. The 3-D printed halves also fit nicely together and make a handsome Christmas tree ornament. The included .stl files will make a 3 inch tall ornament but if you scale your 3-D build up by about 60%, you’ll have a nice sized ornament. Enjoy!

Step 1: Print Both Halves of the Ornament.

Print each half of the ornament from the .stl files.

Step 2: Assemble Your Ornament

Once the halves are done printing assemble them. Watch the short video. Before assembly, depending on the quality of your printer, you may need to clean up the bottom part that snaps together with an craft knife.

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