Introduction: Snowman Book Sculpture

Creating your own snowman book sculpture is an easy way to get into the winter spirit! This display is perfect for libraries, classrooms, stores, you name it! Everyone loves these little guys!

Step 1: Collect Your Materials.

For my snowman, I used 22 books. Eighteen white books and 4 black books. Plus, red paper, orange paper and black paper for the eyes, nose, and scarf.

Because I work at the library, I used donated books so that we wouldn't have any books out of circulation while we had this display up.

Step 2: Shape Your Snowman.

The books were stacked flat on a surface with a wall behind. The books can slip and it would be a shame to have them slip off of the flat surface entirely! I simply started with medium sized white books and stacked upwards making the stack wider while positioning the books evenly from the center of each book. After I created the widest part of my snowman, I started to narrow him out again to make him ball shaped. Once his body was finished, I added a head using my smallest books moving to small sized books and back to smallest sized books. I then added a long black book as the brim of the hat and stacked 3 audio books on top facing backwards so the black edge showed.

If you don't have enough white books, you can wrap your books in plain, white paper for the same effect!

Step 3: Accessorize Your Little Guy!

Add your paper eyes, nose, mouth, buttons, and scarf. I simply cut shapes out of paper and used small rolls of tape to stick the accessories onto the book stack.

Step 4: Enjoy!

The possibilities are limitless! Add a reindeer, a tree, a wreath, a heart for Valentines, a bunny for Easter. Enjoy your creations!