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Introduction: Snowman RSG

WARNING this project can only be completed if you have a 3D-printer WARNING In this holiday project you can build your own plastic snowman!

Step 1: Designing Part 1

First go to, once there login or signup if you don't already have an account. After you're in you should press the blue "Create new design" button located just under "My recent designs" now that you've created a new design drag one sphere from the left side of the screen onto the grid then select the "workplane" button located in the top right of the screen and place it on top of the sphere but make sure it's kinda centered before placing a second smaller 15X15X15 sphere on top of the original sphere make sure that the second sphere goes into the first sphere. Now select the "workplane" button again this time place it on top of the second sphere again make sure it's kinda centered before placing the third and final 10X10X10 sphere on top of the second sphere make sure that the third sphere goes into the second sphere. Finally add a 40X40X2 rectangle under the first sphere.

Step 2: Designing Part 2

Now that you have the base of the Snowman you can begin working on the details such as arms however unlike the spheres the arms are cylinders so once again select the "workplane" button and place it on the side of the second sphere, then do the same thing but on the other side of the second sphere. Place the hat as seen in picture and copy hat and the two arms and place them on the floor. Finally add the face as seen and you're good to go.

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    3 years ago

    That's a cute design, well done! :)