Introduction: Snowman in a Box

Snowman in a Box

By: Connor Timko

1. Make a 2.5 X 2.5 X 2.5 Box 2. Draw a square on the top surface of the box and extrude downward subtracting material about a little less than half. 3. Now somewhere away from the box bring in three spheres with different dimensions going in order from largest (being it'll be at the bottom) and smallest (being it'll be at the top), (make sure they are slightly smaller than the box). 4. Get a top view of the snowman and move the middle sphere over the larger sphere and make sure it's in the center, and do the same with the smaller one too. 5. Next switch over to the side view (doesn't matter which one) and move the spheres to where they will be overlapping each other (so it looks like a snowman body). 6. Create a small drawing of a circle (doesn't matter the size as long as it's too your liking and it's realistic) -From this drawing will make your eyes, mouth, and buttons (which if you want could be bigger or smaller depending on your liking) 7. Extrude a small cylinder nine or ten times, about anywhere from 1/100-1/10 of an inch. 8. Get a side view of your snowman and move the cylinders in the traditional placements of the snowman. -Get different views to make sure you are placing them the way you want to. 9. Next draw a circle off to the side somewhere and make it just smaller than the head of the snowman. 10. Draw another circle directly in the center of the other circle, make sure it's slightly (but noticeably) smaller than the other. 11. Extrude the middle circle to whatever size of your choosing (preferably about an half inch) 12. Extrude the outer circle to a size less than 1/4 of the cylinder in the center of the circle. (Make sure you have it set to merge and not new solid). 13. Drag the hat onto the top of the snowman and move to your liking. 14. Now bring in a cone and make to a size of your liking (make sure it's a realistic size). 15. Get a side view and move it into place (also try different views to get it to your liking) 16. Zoom out and highlight the whole snowman and group it all together. 17. Get a top view and move the whole snowman over the cube, then change it to a side view and move it down to where it's merging inside slightly of the bottom of the cube. 18. Next draw a circle onto the right or left side of the box. 19. Extrude it to where it stands out, but do extrude it yet 20. Rotate the view and you should see a dot that looks like it can go in a circle. 21. Move it to where, the cylinder that you are extruding, starts to angle inward (move it to your liking) 22. Now somewhere away from the box free hand a drawing that looks somewhat like a bubble letter Z that has been squeezed on the sides of it so it kinda looks like a handle. 23. Extrude it to where it the ends of it looks like and square and not a rectangle 24. Move it to the center of the circle you extruded out on the side of the box. 25. Rotate it to how ever you would like. 26. Next off to the side, draw a square that's 2.5 X 2.5 27. Extrude it about 0.15 to 0.25 of an inch depend on your liking. 28. Get a top view, and move the square over the cube and get a side view, then angle it to where one side is attached and it looks like it's a lid 29. Draw out two thin rectangles with dimensions of your choosing and move them onto the top rim of your original box and angle them so that they are supporting the lid of the box 30. Bring in a torso/ ring and size it down to a thin small ring. 31. Move and angle the ring to where it's on the front edge of the top and merge it into the lid of the box (make sure it's centered) 32. Design on the outside of the box is optional. 33. Highlight everything and group it all together.

This concludes the design

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