Introduction: Snowy Chocolate Cookies!

In this instructor, I will show you how to do snowy chocolate cookies :) These cookies are my sweet memory from my grandma. Every time when I went to visit her as a child we did cookies in different shapes and tastes and these cookies are the most delicious I can remember. If you like sweet cookies you will like them!!

Step 1: Ingredients



350 grams of dark chocolate

50 grams of butter

3 large eggs

1/2 cup or 100 grams of white sugar

3 tablespoons of milk

3/4 cup or 120 grams of white flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 cup or 100 grams of ground almonds

1 tablespoon chocolate liqueur


White sugar

sugar powder

For more flavors of the cookies:

For an orange flavor: grated peel of one orange and orange liqueur

For the hazelnut flavor: Walnut liqueur, and instead of almonds we will use roasted and ground hazelnuts

For a coffee taste: coffee liqueur, or strong, cold espresso

In the different flavors, the liqueur in each flavor will replace the chocolate liqueur

Step 2: Chocolate and Butter

Melt chocolate and butter together.

If melting in the microwave, we will start by turning it on for a minute and check if the chocolate and butter have melted. If they don't, perform additional heating.

Step 3: Eggs, Sugar, Liqueur, Milk, Flour and Baking Powder

In a mixer, beat eggs and sugar for 5 minutes on high speed. Fold the egg foam into the melted chocolate mixture. Fold in both liqueur and milk. Sift over flour and baking powder, and fold it in.

Note that you are measuring the liquids (liqueur and milk) with a suitable measuring spoon and not with a spoon that is too large (too generous measurement may cause the cookies to flatten)

Step 4: Add Ground Almonds to the Mixture

Mix in ground almonds. A liquid mixture is obtained, which is fine. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 4 hours or until the mixture hardens.

Step 5: Sugar and Sugar Powder, and Create the Cookies Shape

Roll the mixture into circles about 4 cm (about 1.5 inches) in diameter. Prepare one bowl with sugar and a second bowl with powdered sugar. Roll each ball of dough in sugar, then in powdered sugar. Place spaced on a baking sheet lined with baking paper.

If you want more icing on the cookies, roll twice in powdered sugar, a few minutes apart.

Step 6: Bake the Cookies

Bake at 190C (374F) for only 7-8 minutes. The cookies will flatten and crack very much but are still very soft to touch. This is fine - during cooling they harden (finally, they should be in a texture reminiscent of brownies on the inside)

Cool completely and keep in a container in one layer, at room temperature.

Step 7: All Steps in One Video