Introduction: So Hot in UK Build a Fan From Junk 在英國好熱,讓我們用垃圾做個風扇

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Make a desk fan from junk around the house


Watch the YouTube video!


Step 1: Cut Out the Blades - Watch My YouTube Video 剪出扇葉-請見我的Youtube視頻

So, first mark out some fan blades on a plastic bottle, get close to the neck, it is stiffer there and has a similar shape to a fan blade... cut out the blades... using hot glue, stick them onto the motor shaft..


Step 2: Find and Wire Up Motor 尋找和連接馬達

Find an old low voltage motor, wire it up to an old power supply, some motors can be over and under driven on voltage... they are a little flexible... so running a 24v motor on 14v is no problem!


Step 3: Make Stand With Wood 使用木頭做為支撐架

Bodge together a stand from wood, using hot glue and tape etc... now those hot days are slightly more bearable!!