Introduction: So Your Kid Lost It's Soul. Shoe Repair.

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Shoes are cheaply made and we have all run a soul or two away in our lives (Hahahahaha !). I have been using contact cement to get extra miles from my shoes for years usually by opening the offending soul and spraying the cement in, if there's not to much dirt this works pretty good + 1 month or so before repeat repair is needed. Kids however can run a soul off completely before you know it's a problem. If you're lucky (like I was) the soul is found, and you can fix it.


You will need (probably)

  • Coarse sand Paper (I used 80 grit.)
  • Contact Cement (weld wood is good stuff).
  • A wayward soul and the shoe it came from.
  • A sense of humor (the bad jokes continue).

Step 1: Ruff Up the Soul.

With the coarse sand paper ruff up the soul and bottom of shoe body. This cleans dirt away and adds tooth for the glue to grab.

Step 2: Apply Soul Binder.

Apply a suitable layer of contact cement to the soul and bottom of the body. There is usually a line or obvious indication of where the soul was glued to the shoe originally use that as a guide for applying the cement. Let the cement dry to slightly tacky or just dry.

Step 3: And in the Darkness Bind Them. Hahaha!!!!

Leave the lights on for this.

Once the parts touch they will be stuck and will cause further destruction to separate.
So carefully push the soul back in place.

Yay your kids soul is returned! Hahahahaahhaaaaa!

Remember this repair will probably last longer than your kid will fit in their shoes but it doesn't always work.

Kids grow out of clothes and shoes fast and you need a Hand Me Down network to reduce your kids impact on the environment through fast fashion. To start one just start trading kids clothes with parents of kids you already know that fit every one's kids: older kid passes clothes to yours, yours passes clothes to a younger kid, and so on. Thrift stores and yard sales are great to.

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