Soap Buddy SewUseful Entry

Introduction: Soap Buddy SewUseful Entry

Soap Buddy is a sleeve for you soap. Eliminating slippery bars, extra washing gadgets, and wasted soap. I made it originally for my aunt who is disabled. It made it easier for her to shower. Now, it has become part of our everyday routine. Make one for the whole family.

Step 1: Making Soap Buddy

-washcloth or recycled towel
-needle and thread or sewing machine

also useful but not necessary:
-measuring tape
-wooden dowel

prewash cloth. Lay flat on table and make a cut 6" from the bottom straight across. This piece will be the main sleeve to hold the soap. Also make a cut 2" from the top. This piece will make the strap.

Step 2: Making the Strap

Take the 3 inch piece you cut and fold in half long ways (like a hot dog). Sew up the edge.

This should make a tube. Fold the top over to turn inside out and hide the seem. Using a wooden dowel may be helpful to push the end through. If you get mor than half way through and cant get the end out, hold by the top and thrust down several times.

When completely turn out, position so the seem is on the bottom.

Step 3: Making the Sleeve

for this part you will need the larger piece you cut. Take the piece a fold the two ends to the center (like you were closing two cabinets together) position it to where one side slightly overlaps the other. this will keep the soap secure.

If you have hemmed edges you will want those to be towards the center.

cut up the left and right sides of your folds making three pieces all together.

Step 4: Sewing the Strap a Sleeve Together

This part becomes a bit tricky so pay close attention. You will need the three pieces you just cut as well as the strap you made. Take the largest of the three pieces and lay it flat.

place the stap seem side up on top of that. (you can leave the strap as loose as you want to make more room for your hand to do this simplt move the ends in where you will sew creating a bulge in the middle of the strap)

place the other two pieces slightly overlapped as before on top of the stap and large piece. Line up the edges. You may want to pin the edges to make it easier to sew.

Finally, sew a square around the entire perimeter, going through all pieces.

trim the excess from the edges.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Now the sewing is complete. Turn your soap buddy inside out through the opening along the center. Position the strap so it is on the same side as the opening.

To use just slip in a bar of soap, wet and lather!

Step 6: Finished

I hope you enjoy your soap buddy.

this is the perfect project for girl & boyscouts.

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    I just wanted to say thank you for the brilliant instructions on these little cuties. They are exactly what I was hoping for, I've made four in minutes to finally give up plastic shower puffs and make the most of our first attempt at homemade soap. Really pleased ☺️

    Dawn B.
    Dawn B.

    14 years ago on Introduction

    I was thinking that this would be grand for washing a baby, too. How did you get the heart on it?