Introduction: Soap Dispenser

The idea I chose was to make soap dispensers for the bathrooms in the new space at my school. I chose this idea because I thought it would be convenient and also because it will be a good idea to have something different than a regular dollar store soap dispensers for the bathrooms in the new space. The most challenging thing is choosing from the instructables website ideas that will be worth the building for the space and that will be used. What I am proud of is choosing the idea that is simple but very useful and creative.


1. Find or buy a bottle (any)

2. Find or buy a soap dispenser

3. Make sure the soap dispenser pump fits with the bottle

4. Put them together

5. If you want to design it then make a vinyl stencil

6. buy the Armour etch and put it on the bottle after you've put the stencil on the bottle for 10 minutes