Introduction: Soap Hand

In the shower every time I reach to get my bar of soap it slips from my hand so,I created this thing I call SOAP HAND.

Step 1: Supplies

First You need to gather your supplies.
You will need :
(1)Lufa(or more if you want)

(1) Bar of soap (I like body wash but you can use what ever you want)

10 minuets of your time ( I think it is only 6min. but I don't remember :)

Step 2:

Get your Lufa and take it apart.

Step 3: Tying

Then you tie one end of the Lufa .Make sure you tie it so the other end has a lot of leftover space. (I will explain later:) )

Step 4:

You grab your bar of soap and insert it in your Lufa. Tie the other end but tie it close to the bar of soap

Step 5:

Step 6:

Now put your hand in the Lufa,rub your hand with the soap and take it out you now have a SOAPY HAND .

Step 7:

You can add shower gel if you want.