Introduction: Soccer Bed

Intro: After feeling a bunch of guilt for not building my third son a bed (like I had done for my previous two sons), and after looking around the web for a cool soccer bed and not finding one, I decided to make one. He's really big into soccer and loves playing goalie. So it only made sense that I make a bed that he basically sleeps inside of a goal. I also wanted it to be elevated inside the goal. This is a super easy project.

Materials you'll need:

4 - 4' x 8' sheets of MDF.

6 bolts and nuts

PVC pipe

Wood Glue

PVC Glue



Wood filler

Tools you'll need:

Table Saw

Chop Saw

Brad Nailer

Tape Measure

Paint Brush/Roller

Step 1: Make the Base of the Bed

Measure how wide and long your mattress is and then add a few inches around the side. This will be the base measurement for what the bed sits on (I did this for a twin bed) Then cut side pieces to size. Note the side walls are 15 inches high. Nail them together with brad nailer and glue.

Step 2: Add Top of Bed

In this picture the bed is flipped upside down. But you'll want to nail the top of the bed down on to the side walls. Again, this piece needs to sit on top of the walls of the bed.

Step 3: Add Supports Under

Rip a few boards and mount them under the bed to support the mattress. MDF is pretty pliable, so don't skip this step. Glue and nail them in place.

Step 4: Start Building Side and Back Pieces

This is what the goal is going to sit on top of. These pieces are 5 inches wide and 10 inches tall. You'll need one for the left, right and one that runs down the length of the back of the bed.

Step 5: Clamp and Bolt

Take your side pieces and clamp them to the back and sides, install bolts. This will hold the entire bed together.

Step 6: Puddy, Sand and Router

Grab some wood filler and fill in hour nail holes. Then sand. Then run a 1/4 inch router around the top edges of the main bed and side pieces. Practice on scrap before you toss the router on the bed!!! This step isn't necessary but makes it a lot nicer.

Step 7: Disassemble and Paint

Pretty simple step.

Step 8: Building Goal

You'll have to zoom in on all my pics to see the right pieces to buy. But I basically started by knowing that I wanted the front posts to be about 55 inches tall. From there I just started piecing it together. The front of the goal is made of 3" PVC, the back is 2". You'll need an assortment of angled connectors (60 degree...etc.) My apologies for not documenting these measurements that well. Then dry fit together, then glue it with PVC cleaner and glue.

Step 9: Paint and Caulk

Once glue was dry, I caulked all the joints and then spray painted it white.

Step 10: Assemble

Bolt the bed together, toss the goal on it, and then go to Amazon and buy a net for a goal. Voila, done!