Introduction: Soccer Goalie's Reaction Training by Arduino

Description of my Arduino Project:

Reflect Trainer - Test your agility and responsiveness to the left, right. front and back; simulate the reaction of the soccer's goalkeeper. Put five boards of different colors on the ground; one whiteboard is in the middle, and the other four are placed on the front, back, left and right of the whiteboard. Then look at the LED lights on the Arduino board that are flashing at irregular intervals to move and the LED lights flashing color. Corresponding boards.

After getting several times training for your moving ability and train your reaction ability. You could easily move faster and have better control of your speed and ability to dodge.

This is a design for soccer's goalkeeper. You have to move faster in order to block shots on the court. So this is why the training is important. Faster and quicker makes your possibility to block the ball higher. This is why I had designed my "Reflect Trainer" machine.

This machine is made by Arduino board and I will have a detailed explanation of steps and coding in the rest of the article also with pictures of my project.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials for the Project

1. Leonardo Arduino X1

2. Breadboard X1

3. Colored round shape round shaped board X5

Suggested color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Yellow (Easier match for the color of LED light bulbs.)

4. LED Lights X5 (one extra)

Suggested color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green (Must be matched to the board!)

5. Computer X1

6. Colored Cardboard X5

7. Tape and Scissor

8. Power cable for the Arduino X1

9. Resistance X4

10. Long wire X6

11. Short wire X4

Step 2: Step 2: My Code

This is my coding for my project, and it is how it cause those lights to switch and flash in different orders in random. I had changed the top of the code with the number of my light bulbs and also where I had plugged my wires in.

Step 3: Step 3: How to Make the Arduino?

1. Stick your Arduino with the breadboard

2. Choose 4 different types of LED Light bulbs (Must be different Color)

3. Look again on the photo above, knowing how to plug those wires on the correct place:

 -Match the color of LED light with the same color of wire (Easier to identify)

-Choose one wire and plugged it on the upper side of the Arduino (PWM-10,11,12,13)

-Plugged the lightbulb's long leg on the same straight line as the long wire

-Plugged the shorter leg of the LED with a resistance (Color does not matter)

-Plugged a short wire connect one side of the resistance and the negative side of the breadboard on the top

-Repeat it for four times (Remember to check it, or else it won't work)

4. Connect the Arduino with your computer and insert the code above

5. Done with the Arduino part!!!

Step 4: Step 4: Ho to Make the Card Plates?

1. Find five empty or uncolored cardboard

2. Buy materials to decorate the board

3. Color it in different colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)

4. Cut those in five same pieces (Round shaped)

5. Set it on the floor, the distance between every piece should be 1.5 meters (The longer it is, the greater your trained)

6. Done!!!

Step 5: My Video for the Project

This is that part of my project's video that I filmed with my phone about how the LED light flashes randomly for you to train your reflex. You have to move with the pattern of the light and try to catch up the speed of my program. If it is to fast for you, you can change the delay system in the code when you design your own design!!!