Introduction: Soccer Scissor/ Step Over Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to perform the "Scissor"/"Step Over" move in soccer. This trick should be in the locker of any soccer player looking to better their dribbling ability and can be classed as a "building-block" maneuver for the mastery of more advanced skills. The Scissor is a key attacking move for faking out and getting around a defender and is continually utilized by soccer players around the world from amateur to elite players.


Soccer ball

10ft x 10ft space (preferably grass or turf)

Step 1: Start on Your Toes

The key to preparing for any soccer move is to be "on your toes" with anticipation. This is also good practice considering this move will typically done while the dribbler is in a forward motion with the ball. Being "flat-footed" will hinder the effectiveness of this move.

Step 2: Plant Standing Foot

Depending on which direction you wish to take the ball, you will plant the foot that corresponds to the direction you wish to take the ball. For example, if you are going to be shifting the ball to your right, you will plant your right foot to the right side of the soccer ball. At this time, your weight will be largely placed on your standing foot, with your trailing left foot remaining lightly on the ground.

Step 3: Opposite Foot Sweep

With your balance on your standing foot, your opposing foot will be brought forward to the same side of the ball. Once there, your opposing foot will sweep around the front of the ball in an anti-clockwise motion and planted on the other side of the ball.

Step 4: Shift Weight and Standing Foot

Now, you will shift your body weight onto your opposing foot. For example, if you are shifting the ball to the right, your weight will now be on your left foot which is now planted to the left side of the ball. Proceed to bring your right foot to the left side of the ball and into light contact with the ball.

Step 5: Push Ball & Accelerate

To complete the move, use your right foot to push the ball forward and accelerate away from an oncoming defender. The combination of quick foot movement and the shifting of your body shape will fake out an oncoming defender and create you with enough space to get past them.