Introduction: Soccer USB

I was previously a fan of England because my friends support them, now I found that Brazil was good as well, then I watched Portugal's match against North Korea and they won  7:0, now I'm mixed up on who to support.
But anyways, support your football team! make something useful! what you want is a Soccer Key-chain USB!

Step 1: Finding Materials and Equipment

This part should be easy, all you need is:
-1 squishy ball (any non-hollow ball should do the job) that can fit a USB
-a USB 
-black and white acrylic paint (if you dont have acrylic paint, use a permanent marker and correction fluid for classic design)
-something sharp
-a old key-chain
-some wire
-aluminium foil

Step 2: Cutting the Ball

My parents advised me to actually take out the USB so first, take out the main USB from it;'s holder. Mark the place where you are going to put the USB, which should be the size of your USB. Then take your sharp thing and carve a slit in the ball deep enough to fit the USB.

Step 3: Painting the Ball

Mark a design of any soccer ball, I used the classic soccer ball design. Then paint it. 
Again, my parents advised me to not use correction fluid because it doesnt look nice and yellow good too.

Step 4: Putting the Key-chain

Poke a hole through your ball with something sharp and thin. A drill would be useful. weave the wire through the end of the key-chain, put glue on the wire and through the hole. Wrap the end of USB in aluminium foil and put it into the slit.
Then use colored permanent markers to write the name of the country you support.
youre done!

Step 5: Thoughts...

the soccer key chain can be put on your school bag as an accessory and serve as a USB holder. My parents aren't that annoying and are actually quite helpful, we as sons/daughters should treat them like parents and be nice to them, give them an ice cream, hug them. 
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