Introduction: Social Distancing Detector

This is a detector that can identify objects that entered the space around 2 meters.

The purpose of this detector is to keep the distance between people within "social distance". This project was inspired by this Arduino circuit, adding the functions to:

- Allow the Ultrasonic Sensor to move in a certain angle by placing it on a servomotor.

- Remind others to keep away using the LCD Display.


The Materials needed for this project are:

Arduino Leonardo/Uno *1

Breadboard *1

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor *1

Buzzer *1

Green LEDs *2 (optional)

Red LEDs *2 (optional)

Yellow LEDs *2 (optional)

330-ohm Resistors *7

Jumper Wires (more than 20)

Step 1: Wiring (LCD Display)

Prepare all the items mentioned above, look at the image to build the circuit.

For the LCD Display:

GND -> the "-" sign of the breadboard

VCC -> the "+" sign of the breadboard

SDA -> SDA on the Arduino board

SCL -> SCL on the Arduino Board

Step 2: Wiring (wires Between the Breadboard & the Arduino Board)

GND on Arduino Board -> the "-" sign of the breadboard

5V on the Arduino Board -> the "+" of the breadboard

D2 -> A60

D3 -> J25

D6 -> E10

D7 -> E11

D8 -> J38

D9 -> J40

D10-> J43

D11 -> J45

D12 -> J48

D13 -> J50

Step 3: Wiring (330-ohm Resistors)

Total of seven,

1. Connect between J51 -> negative sign straight down

2. Connect between J49 -> negative sign straight down

3. Connect between J46 -> negative sign straight down

4. Connect between J44 -> negative sign straight down

5. Connect between J41 -> negative sign straight down

6. Connect between J39 -> negative sign straight down

7. Connect between I24 -> negative sign straight down

Step 4: Wiring (LEDs, Optional)

- The longer sides will align with the resistors, while the shorter side will be aligning the wires between the breadboard and the Arduino board. (e.g. Longer side -> F51; shorter side with the wire in J50)

- This is optional since there's already an LCD display to signify when the distance is violated.

Step 5: Wiring (Buzzer)

Black sign align with the resistor at I24, red sign align with the wire connected to D3.

Step 6: Wiring (Ultrasonic Sensor)

UCC -> A9

Trig -> A10

Echo -> A11

Gnd -> A1

A12 -> aligned + sign A9 -> aligned - sign

Step 7: Wiring (wires Within the Breadboard)

A12 -> aligned + sign

A9 -> aligned - sign

Step 8: The Code

Step 9: Stick the Sensor on the Motor

Step 10: Place It in a Box/Final Product