Introduction: Social Distancing Zombie Hand Halloween Candy Dropper

This 6 foot long zombie hand will let you drop Halloween candy into treat bags while keeping a safe distance from those germ-infested goblins.


The materials I used are listed below. You can substitute or modify depending on your materials at hand.
6 foot long piece of 1”x2” wood. (Actual dimensions are about 3/4”x1.5”)
Zombie hand (easy to find this time of year).
1 spring (a strong elastic would probably work too).
3 screw eyes
1 screw hook
1 keyring
Fishing line
3/16” bolt with locknut
a few small pieces of wood about 1/2” to 3/4” thick, and a saw to cut to shape.
Four 1” screws.
Two 1-1/2” screws
One 1/2” screw
Bubble wrap
A piece of fabric about 5 feet x 2 feet and some way to fasten it, safety pins, needle and thread, sewing machine, glue gun, etc.

Step 1: How to Assemble

Screw the hand to one end of the 1x2. Cut a piece of wood to be the clamp, long enough to reach from the 1x2 to the fingers of the hand, this will hold the candy. Cut two pieces of wood to support the clamp and screw them to the 1x2. Put the clamp in place between the two supports and drill a hole big enough for the bolt through the two supports and the clamp. Screw one end of the spring to the clamp, and put a screw hook in the end of the 1x2 to attach the other end of the spring. Now bolt the clamp in place, making sure it can rotate freely, and connect the spring. Put a screw eye in the clamp as shown, put two screw eyes in the 1x2 to guide the fishing line, and tie the fishing line to the clamp and the keyring. Finally, add some bubble wrap and cloth around the 1x2 to make it look more like an arm.
To use, open the clamp and insert candy, hold the candy over the trick-or-treater’s bag, and pull the keyring to release the candy.
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