Introduction: Sock Bun

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Beef up your bun with an old sock! This tutorial will show you two ways to get a voluminous updo and look on the bright side of missing-sock syndrome. You will need:

  • hair elastic
  • lonely sock
  • scissors
  • bobby pins
  • hairspray (optional)

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Step 1: Sock It to Your Ponytail

Put your hair up into a high ponytail. This will serve as the base structure for your bun.

Cut the toe off your sock and bunch it up to help get it onto your ponytail, over the elastic.

Step 2: Fan and Twist

Fan out your hair around the sock so it's evenly distributed all around and mostly covering the sock. Then gently rotate the excess hair to twist it around the forming bun. This style of sock bun is great if you've got shorter hair and will give an illusion of more volume in the bun. For me and my super long hair, there is a bit too much extra hair to wrap-- if you're in that boat with me, stay tuned for another method later in this guide.

Step 3: Pin, Adjust, Pin

Use bobby pins to secure the bun in place around the perimeter. If any of the sock is showing through, adjust hair to cover it an in pin place. Spray your style with hairspray and enjoy!

Step 4: Another Method

If your hair is moderately long, you may want to try this alternative sock bun method. Start with the same sock-around-ponytail, then pull the sock and ponytail straight up/back (perpendicular from wherever it is on your head). Slide the sock almost to the ends of your hair, then fan out the hair around the sock and start to roll the hair and sock upon itself down the length of the ponytail, as shown in the video and gif. When you reach the ponytail base, use bobby pins to hold it in place and clean up any stray pieces. Apply some hairspray and wear with pride!