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Introduction: Sock Penguin

This instructable will walk you through the step by step creation of a Sock Penguin. This project was completed for a Grade 1 (6 year old kids) class that has been studying penguins.

Please note that no penguins were harmed in the creation of this project, however, some socks were severely damaged in the prototyping stage. Please do not use socks that still contain feet.

Note that hot glue guns can burn you. They're called "hot" for a reason. Do not let 6 year olds operate hot glue guns. Adult supervision is required. Also, do not let 6 year olds operate heavy machinery. It's just a bad plan.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To build the Sock Penguin, you will need some tools and materials.

- a pen
- scissors
- hot glue gun

- cardboard (for the pattern)
- a plain white sport sock
- a plastic sandwich bag
- some rocks or other ballast
- stuffing
- string
- black felt
- yellow felt
- googly eyes

Optionally, you might want paper and tape to refine your pattern.

Step 2: Prototype This!

We've never made a Sock Penguin before... but we have made Sock Snowmen (I will have to work out the Instructable for that...) so I'm basing the Penguin off of a Snowman body.

Looking at pictures of penguins, this is going to be hard to get "perfect" but easy to get "close enough".

There are lots of pictures of penguins on the internets, here are some.

Lots of cutting and taping and puzzling later, we're at the point where we've got the pattern pieces for the felt cutting.

We ended up with a body piece, a beak piece and a feet piece.

Step 3: Pattern!

We transfered the pattern to cardboard for cutting (forgot to take a picture of that step).

Since we're being awesome, here's a pdf of the pieces. These will work if you use an adult sport sock.

Step 4: Stuffing Socks...

I know - the title makes me snicker too.

Back to serious business.

- Pull the sock inside out.
- Put the bag full of gravel into the toe of the sock.
- Push the stuffing in.
- Tie off the top of the sock.
- Cut off the ribbed part of the sock.

Once you're done... smush the stuffing around until you end up with a nice pudgy little penguin body.

Step 5: Cut Up the Felt...

Using the pattern, cut the felt up into the three main pieces.

Note that we decided to freehand the feet.

Step 6: Gluing!

We really tried to get this to work with PVA glue but it just doesn't have the right characteristics to stick felt to inside-out sport socks.

Use hot glue.

Or nails.

Step 7: Assemble!

Stick the felt to your penguin body.

Add some eyes.


Now you need to figure out what to do with your Sock Penguin.

- add to your sock collection.
- add to your penguin collection.
- make him a little scarf?
- maybe a jaunty little chapeau?

The possibilities of a Sock Penguin are ENDLESS.

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    I think the little pink string googley eye guy in Step 1's first photo would make a good plushie project.