Sock Puppet




Introduction: Sock Puppet

I love puppets. This is a super easy way to bring your characters to life! Enjoy!


Tube Sock

Template for mouth

Cardboard Card stock or felt

Scissors or Exacto Knife

Fabric Glue or Glue Gun

Cotton Balls, Ping Pong Balls or other light Spheres for eyes

Googly Eyes or Marker for the iris

Step 1: Making the Mouth

Using the template

Draw one larger oval onto the cardboard

Draw one smaller oval onto the card stock or felt

Cut these shapes out

Step 2: Prepping the Sock

Cut the sock about 2 inches with it folded on its side

Score the cardboard on one side down the center

Step 3: Putting the Mouth on the Sock

Open up the hole you just made in the sock.

And put the cardboard in as shown.

Roll the sides over the glued areas to tack it onto the edges of the cardboard mouth.

Repeat for the card stock which goes directly on top of the cardboard and hides the sock edges.

Put your hand in the sock to try it out by folding the top over the bottom.

Step 4: Eyes to See

Using a glue gun, place the eyes where you would like them and glue them on

(I suggest not doing this with your hand in if you are using a hot glue gun!)

Either draw the iris onto the eyes with a black sharpie or glue Googly Eyes which you can buy at a craft store.

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