Introduction: Socket to Your Arduino

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There is an old tradition in electronics, if a part is expensive or inclined to blow, make it replaceable by putting it in a socket. Sometimes this goes too far as with final circuits that are still on a proto board where everything is in a socket. But if we are using small arduinos like the nano we more or less treat them as a component and putting them in a socket is a good idea. As far as I know sockets for these parts are not made, and the pins on an arduino are not really the normal pins for sockets. However we can make what we need on a strip board or PCB by using 2 rows of female headers. Pictures tell the rest of the story.

Step 1: Boards

In this case I am using strip board, but any PCB board with .1 inch spacing should be good.

Step 2: A Nano

Waiting to make a connection. Other arduinos have similar pin outs.

Step 3: Headers

This is what female header strip looks like, then cut it with a fine tooth saw. I cut through the middle of a pin which is sacrificed.

Step 4: Solder

First tack solder the two end pins and adjust to make sure header is straight and all the way in. Then solder up the rest.

Step 5: Done, Plug In

Plug it in, if you blow it up, unplug and put in a new one.

Step 6: More

Here are pictures of some finished boards with the arduino and supporting electronics.

Other parts can also be mounted this way: after I did this I realize the idea is not so new, Ramps boards, for example, mount stepper drivers in just this way. Some links that I found include:

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