Introduction: Terri's Soda Bottle Apple Picker

Using an empty 2 liter soda bottle & an old broom or mop handle, I now have an apple picker. My handle happened to be metal, so I had to drill holes into the plastic bottle and the broom handle.  I cut my opening in the bottle first & made sure it was fairly smooth & then I attached it to the pole.  I placed the bottle on the end of the pole & drilled one hole going through both the bottle and the pole.  I screwed the bottle on to the pole, and then I drilled 2 other holes around the bottle and pole.  Fastened the bottle firmly to the pole with screws.
(This is my first instructable, so I hope the directions are clear enough, along with the photos.)
Note:I have added duct tape around the bottom & side edges of the opening to help see where the opening is as it is being used to reach apples up high.
Update: use a lighter to melt (just enough to round off the edges, so it does not damage the apples.