Introduction: Soda Bottle Appliance Repair

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I was asked to fix a small food processor. I get asked to fix lots of things. I don't mind at all. If I don't have enough things to tear into I'll go looking for something (guitars, sewing machines, cameras etc.) I get to learn more about how things work and often I can do a repair for little or no cost. I checked warranty status before I started this. The problem was the interlock and I did not bypass any safety features. I am capable of working on electrical stuff and unplugged the item before doing anything inside.

Step 1: How It Works / Troubleshooting

I looked at how the parts fit and were meant to work. There was nothing cracked, broken, worn or missing. The lid contacts a lever and the lever pushes a button and the button eventually works a switch. If i pushed the bowl slightly it would run.

Step 2: Soda Bottle Shim

I did not set out to make this an entry. I use soda bottles (or cans, cassette cases etc.) all the time as materials for projects. (No rule about using a whole bottle I hope?)

Step 3: Easy, Free, Still Safe

I folded the end double and pushed the shim under the white clip. It adds just enough thickness to make the switch contact sooner. The interlock still works. I added a drop of instant glue after I made sure it worked.

Step 4: It Works!

I put it all back together and it works great.
There is a lot of satisfaction in figuring out a problem and coming up with such an easy and simple solution.
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