Introduction: Soda Can Biofuel Stove

In this instructable ill show you how to make your own biofuel stove out of a soda can. Biofuel is natural/renewable fuel like twigs, bark, pinecones etc. The stove is and gear bit of your kit as it is very lightweight and you can find fuel almost anywhere.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Soda can
Can opener or knife
Drill or knife
And of course fuel!

Step 2: Remove the Can Top

Firstly to remove the top use the can opener to remove the inner part of the can top or if your using a knife push the knife in and cut around.

Step 3: Make Some Air Holes

To help the stove burn more efficiently you can add small holes around the bottom to increase the oxygen into the fire. To do this use your drill or knife and make around 8 small holes around the can, near the bottom. You can add more if you want and experiment if more holes give you a stronger flame.

Step 4: Finished

Now just use sticks and dry grass to light your fire inside the can. You can use the biofuel stove to cook with using pans, roasting marshmallows, as a heat and light source and more. Please note the stove does get hot during use so use on a non flammable ground and allow it to cool or douse with water before handling the stove.

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