Introduction: Soda Can Grill

Have you ever wanted to make a grill but didn't want to spend the money? Well here it is the soda can grill perfect for grilling small hotdogs or roasting marshmallows!!

Step 1: Materials:

This is what you will need: 1.Two Soda cans 2.Scissors 3.A nail and hammer (a drill works best) 4.4 small paperclips 5.Can Opener 6.a thick rubber band (optional) 7.Some sort of tinder that will fit in the can!!

Step 2: Preparing the First Can!!

Take the can opener and take off the top of the can.

Step 3: Preparing the Second Can

Cut off the bottom of the can

Step 4: Putting It Together

Put the second can on the first and poke 8 holes around the edge by hammering a nail in and taking it out.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Take a can opener and take out the middle part of the top then stick paperclips through the holes and fold them down as shown in the picture. Then put the rubber band around the paperclips. Now put some small twigs and paper in the can light it and enjoy your soda can grill. Have fun with it!!! CAUTION: I am not responsible for any fires or injuries that may occur.