Introduction: Soda Can Pendant

This soda can pendant can be made easily and quickly for your last minute accessory needs. It only took me a half hour to create this and you can easily put your own spin on it by using different cans or different shapes.


soda can(s)


leather modeling tool


scrapbooking hole punches


stylus or awl

Step 1: Cut Can

Poke the top of the can with the sharp blade on the scissors.

Slide the scissors into the hole and cut off the top of the can. This is where you're most likely to poke yourself with the sharp edge of the aluminum since it will be a pretty rough edge. Be extra careful or wear gloves.

Cut down the side of the can to the bottom edge.

At this point I just nicked the metal in the direction I wanted to cut and tore the bottom off, but it can be cut with the scissors as well for a straighter edge.

Cut the rough edge off the top.

Step 2: Punch

You'll need three sizes of punches, but the shapes are up to you. I just happened to have these flowery shapes, but you could go for a more mod look with squares or hexagons or mix and match shapes.

Punch a piece of the can with each hole punch. The middle sized shape can be cut from and "ugly" piece of the can since you'll be flipping it over to show the silver side.

Step 3: Shaping

Use the leather modeling tool to add dimension to your metal pieces. You'll need to place the metal on a softer surface to allow the metal to bend with the tool. I used a pretty stiff but flexible rubber mat. You could also use a piece of cardboard or even just get down on a stiff rug.

By swirling the middle of the metal, it can get rid of the can's curved shape.

Step 4: Finishing

Use a stylus or awl to punch a hole through all three pieces. Again, you'll need a soft surface so that the stylus can be pushed through the metal and into what's underneath.

Feed your wire through the three pieces from the back.

Use pliers to curve the front of the wire into a small loop.

Bend the wire straight up in the back.

Cut off the excess wire just above the top of the pendant, and make another small loop at the end.

Step 5: Enjoy

Add a chain to your pendant and let your creativity shine.

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