Introduction: Soda Can Stove

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I am sure that many people have made this so I am now formaly giving credit to everyone who has made this.  So good job!

Now onto the instructable!  This is a survival stove or just a small pocket-sized stove to take on the go.  This stove can boil water in about 7 minutes and it will heat up anything.

This is fire, and fire gets things hot, so just use common sense and be careful. Please!

Ok.  I think that we are ready to go on!!  Yay!!!

Step 1: Materials

These materials should be easy to find and shouldn"t cost above four dollars.  If you have all of the materials you should be able to make this in five minutes, tops.  Just to see the time it will take makes me feel like a project will not be extremely hard.  So this is why I put the time in for everybody lazy, (like me) so they knoww it will not take to long.  Okey-dokey now onto the actual materials. 


1 Soda can
1 Pair of scissors
1 Drill with medium sized drill bit. (1/4 size or smaller bit will work)
1 Tray ( I used the top of an altoids chewing gum top
1 Sewing Pin ( Don't worry, there is no sewing involved)
1 Lighter

Fuel (Not set in stone, you can experiment with this)

Some lighter fluid

Once you have all of this, we can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Cutting the Can

All right now down to buisness.  Now drill a hole in the middle of the can.  It doesn't matter wich side of the can as long as it is in the middle.  The hole is halfway up from the bottom of the can.  You may see it as halfay down, but it depends on who you are.  Once the hole is drilled, cut around the can so that it is cut in half.  If you don't understand, you can look at the pictures.  Maybe my explaining is not as good as it could have been.

Step 3: Drilling!!!!!!

Ok, this will be a very short step.  Now flip your can over so that the bottom is facing up.  You will drill holes with your drill at the points that I show you in the picture.  If you can't see the picture you just drill four holes like a square on the bottom part of your can.  

Step 4: Time for the Pin!!!!!!!

Now take your pin and poke holes around the base of the can.  Spread them about a quarter of an inch apart.  You can make the holes bigger to let more air in.  Look at the pictures if you have any questions.

Step 5: Almost Done

This is optional but I cut a small triangle at the bottom to let air in and also make it easier to light.  Just use your scissors and snip a small triangle out.  Now just put the cardboard into the can, drizzle some lighter fluid on it, and light the board through the triangle.
Happy cooking. :)