Soda Can Sun Lighting




Introduction: Soda Can Sun Lighting

There are some sunlight installations could find in the internet. Its use stainless pipe tubing from the roof to the room where sunlight is not directly hit.
In this project, we will use soda cans as a sunlight tunnel.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

* soda cans quantity is defend with the length from the outside to the desired room
* aluminum foil or aluminum tape
* adhesive tape
* knife or cutter
* marker

Step 2: Cut the Soda Cans

Mark and cut the top bottom of the cans as shown in the images above.

Using plastic bottle or any hard item to insert to the cut soda can to flatten the edges of the can.

Do these to the rest of the cans.

Cut one side of two cans about 45 degree as shown above.

Step 3: Assemble the Pipe

Connect all the cans. Place aluminum foil then put adhesive tape to fix. Aluminum tape is better but if not available then use aluminum foil and adhesive tape. See the images above as a reference.

Step 4: Connect to the Sun

Place the one edge of the pipe directly hit by the sun. The other end to the dark room.

The light comes out. The intensity of the light is more or less one half of a watt. It is not as bright as ordinary lights but it will increase using convex glass each end of the pipe.

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    Nice idea. You can never have enough sunlight indoors. Especially in apartments without a lot of external windows.