Introduction: Soda Can Switcharoo

So this is a basic prank. Just emptying a soda can and replacing the contents with something nasty (Pickle juice anyone?) Its fast and easy as a last minute prank. This is my first instructable, sorry if its bad :(

Step 1: Materials

Soda of your choice
Awl, screwdriver, etc... (Anything that can poke a hole in the bottom of it)
Hammer to nail in the sharp tool
Duct Tape
Undesireable Liquid such as pickle juice (MUST BE EDIBLE NO POISON)

Step 2: Empty the Soda

So poke a hole in the bottom of the can and let all the soda spill out.

Step 3: Insert the Drink

Pour the drink in through the hole until you feel its about half way or three quarters full so it feels normal.

Step 4: Cover the Hole and Place the Soda

Now just cover the hole with duct tape and put the soda in a place soda is normally stored in your house and enjoy :)

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