Soda Can Trees

Introduction: Soda Can Trees

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In this project I would like to show you how to make trees from soda cans. Put together on a platform these trees form a small forest that makes a beautiful scenery around a candle. The advantage is that it can be place outdoors since aluminum withstands the cold winter snow or the hot temperature of a candle nearby.

Step 1: Parts List

To complete this project you need the following items:

Step 2: Cut Strips From Flattened Soda Cans

The best way to start is by using flattened soda cans. I already posted a video how to flatten soda cans. You find the Instructable under the following link (see Instructable). Then start by cutting strips from flattened soda cans. It is not important to cut through the aluminum - just make a groove with a utility knife and then bend the aluminum along the groove until the strip breaks off.

For each tree you need 3 strips (1 cm x 20 cm) and 1 strip ( 1 cm x 10 cm) for the tree stump. Take strips for the branches of the tree and bend them so that both ends touch. Then run your fingers from the ends to the middle to fold them in half. Marks are drawn on the folded strips. The first mark is made after 4 cm, the mark on the second strip is after 5 cm and on the third strip the mark is made after 6 cm (see video). Bend both ends of each strip around the marks (see pictures).

Step 3: Build Branches and Tree Stump

And now comes the part of the project which is very satisfying. With a Quilling Paper Crimper we will give the lower part of the branches a wavy form.

So line the aluminum strips up against the wheels, then turn the handle until you reach the mark you indicated in the previous step. The teeth will start grabbing the aluminum strip and the strip will get a wavy form.

Thereafter line up the wavy ends of each strip and crimp them together with flat nose pliers.

Proceed in the same way for the tree stump.

Step 4: Assemble the Trees

After you have made three branches and the stump glue them together with adhesive to build the tree.

In one of the picture you see different variations of trees you can make. The first version was made with branches where only the lower side has a wavy form, the second version has a wavy form on both sides. The third version was made by individual branches.

Step 5: Make the Platform

When trying to place the trees upright you will find that the center of gravity is unfavorable and the trees always fall over. Thus the idea was born to attach the trees to a platform with magnets.

As aluminum is not attracted by magnets I used magnetic paint on the reverse side of a flattened soda can. So use a brush to cover the soda can sheet with magnetic paint and let it dry.

Step 6: Add Magnets to the Trees

Fix magnets in the tree stump with adhesive.

Step 7: Shape the Magnetic Platform

Shape the magnetic platform to the desired form with the use of scissors. Then arrange the trees on the platform and add a candle.

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