Introduction: Soda Can Wind Spinner

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This instructable shows you how to make a wind spinner out of a single reused soda can. For an initial impression, how nice it looks, have a look at the video (Link). It is a beautiful outdoor décor item that refracts the sunlight into your home.

The construction is designed in a way that you can fix the spinner on a balcony handrail. Catching even the slightest breeze the spinner starts rotating and brightens up your environment.

The main part that you need to build this project is a 0.5L soda can. In order to get the shiny surface reflecting the sunlight you need to remove the ink from the soda can first. It is referred to the link below on how to remove the ink from the soda can:

How to removal the ink from soda cans

Step 1: Material and Tools

To complete this project, you need the following items:

  • 0.5L soda can
  • Champagne cork, wire and cap
  • Grill sticks
  • Needle
  • Cable tie
  • Foam rubber

The following tools are helpful:

  • Hand drill
  • Exacto knife
  • Flat nose plier
  • Scissor
  • Hot glue gun
  • Contact adhesive
  • Printer
  • Nail polish remover and cotton pad
  • Permanent marker
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Ruler

Step 2: Making the Wind Spinner

First remove the ink from the soda can by using the process given in the link (link).

Print out the template (attached visio file) and verify with a ruler that the given dimensions after printing are still correct - especially the length (20.7cm). Otherwise you have to adjust the printout accordingly.

Then cut out the template with the scissor. Fix the template around the soda can using double-sided adhesive tape. Then transfer the design to the soda can using a permanent marker. Remove again the template and then connect the peaks with a straight line using a piece of cardboard and a thin permanent marker.

Scratch the surface of the diagonal lines using the reverse side of an exacto knife. Now cut the straight lines with the knife. It is not so important that you really cut through. Just apply as much pressure as you can.

Remove the ink from the permanent marker with nail polish remover.

Roll the bottle between your hands to break the straight lines. You have to use also the knife to complete the cuttings of the strips from the bottom to the top.

Make the first bending with the flat nose plier along the diagonal lines on both sides of the soda can. The initial scratching facilitates this process step.

Make the second bending underneath the end of the diagonal line in parallel to the bottom and the top of the soda can. In order to have an impression how to do it, please have a look at the video.

Step 3: Bearing

Cut out the paper circle from the template. Use it to find the center of the soda can bottom and mark it with a permanent marker. Use the drill to make a small hole. Just big enough that a needle can get through.

Remove the head of a needle. Place the needle in a drill and make a small hole in a grill stick. Then remove the needle and place it again in the drill but with the sharp side looking into the drill. Then force the needle into the grill stick using the drill.

Now you need the champagne cork, the cap and the wire. Shorten the wire to the desired length. Take the cap and mark the four points for the wire on the bottom of the soda can. Make the four holes with the drill. Fix the cap with the wire and bend the wire over on the inner side of the soda can.

Take the side of the soda can with the opening and remove the center piece. Then bend back the opening aluminum piece. You should end up with a small hole. Place the grill stick with the needle in side. Breeze …. and the wind spinner start turning.

Step 4: Making the Stand

You will need three pieces of foam rubber (5cm x 10 cm).

Cut out a circle from each foam rubber piece in the size of the cork. Combine the three pieces with contact adhesive. Shorten the champagne cork to the desired length so it fits directly into the foam rubber. Make two holes in the cork with the drill. One from the top. This one is for the grill stick. The second hole is made from the side. This one is for the cable tie. Now fix the cork with hot glue on the foam rubber.

Put the grill stick in the cork and fix it with glue. Then enter the cable tie into the second hole. The entire construction can now be fixed on your balcony handrail.

I was inspired by this guy: Video from 2010

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