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Introduction: Soda Pop Safe

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Here is an updated version of my earlier soda can safe, with some improvements!

I've highlighted the whole process below:

Step 1: Supplies

With the addition of two soda cans, here's what I used

  • Tin-snips (metal shears)
  • sharpie
  • pliers or flathead screwdriver
  • fine-grit sandpaper

One can is open, the other left sealed, but more on this later.

Step 2: Body of the Safe

Using the tin-snips, cut along the center around the lip of the can.

This leaves half the lip still on the can, so we can peel this off and cut along the indentation.

A pair of pliers or other implement was used to remove the other half of the lip, leaving an indentation

Use the snips to cut along this indentation, taking it slow to get it just right.

After that, sanding the lip removes metal burrs and dulls the surprisingly sharp edge

The bottom half is now complete, onto the top half!

Step 3: Sealed Lid

Take the sealed soda can and put a couple holes in the bottom to drain out the soda

Soda may spray everywhere, so take it somewhere out in the open, away from the precious tools

Use a sharpie or other implement to mark where you want to cut the can, keeping it nice and symmetrical

Cut along the line, and sand away the burrs and sharp edge

A screwdriver stem was used to bend and flatten the lid to nest in the open end of the other can

Step 4: Fitting It All Together

After both parts are done, they should pop together snugly, but don't force it too much.

If the cap is not flush enough, it will tear or dent the lip of the can, so take notice of those ridges!

This is a really fast project that can be done within the hour, and fairly simple as well!

If you liked it or found it intriguing, let me know below, and please VOTE!!

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    5 years ago

    Great Instructable! I love how people from different places say different things. We say soda where I live, but in places like Michigan people say "pop" or "soda pop". Not saying thats where you live, but people say it there.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Almost! I live in central Wisconsin, and that's how we say it!