Introduction: Soda Pop Tab Chain

In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make a chain from soda can tabs. I'm not sure if it has a whole lot of practical applications but it sure is fun. I AM NOT TAKING CREDIT FOR THE IDEA, I AM JUST SHOWING YOU HOW TO MAKE IT. Thank you for viewing this Instructable and if you have anything to say then please tell me in the comment section. Let's get started !!!

Step 1: Materials

1. Scissors (or nail clippers)

2. A ridiculous amount of soda can tabs

3. Paper clip (optional)

4. Pliers (optional)

5. Bowl (optional)

Step 2: Sanitation (optional)

If you got your tabs the way I did then you did not get them right after the cans were empty, so they were probably thrown away. Or you just want to wash your tabs. Either way just get the tabs in a bowl, and turn your sink faucet to the hottest temperature that is available and fill the tab bowl with the hot water. Unfortunately for me I did not think to put the tabs in a bowl so I kinda burned my hand, but at least I can pass that knowledge to you. If you don't use a bowl and you use your hand and you drop a tab into the drain, then take the paper clip and make a hook out of it and scoop it out.

Step 3: The Build

Take 5 of your soda tabs and put them on top of each other. Next cut small slits in the thinner side of the rest of your tabs with your scissors. Now pry the section where you cut the slit apart and work it in between the 5 tabs. Do this with 4 others until you have five tabs linked to five tabs. Now the area where you pried the tabs apart is most likely not closed so take your pliers and bend it to where the two ends meet. If you continue this pattern then you will have a soda tab chain, congrats !!! If you have anything to say then please tell me in the comment section. Thanks for viewing this Instructable !!!

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